In this technology driven environment, it’s almost impossible to live without adopting it, if you don’t go for latest technology you will be obsolete and then start packing your bags and get ready for the kick. The online trade is now common everywhere in the world especially in developed countries. Online Music Stores can play very vital role in the Music Industry the only problem is that how they can utilize this opportunity in this cannibalize competition. Currently already there are 10,000s of stores providing online music downloads, even majority of them are totally free of cost, but they are providing this facility with low download speed.

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Now the labels (Universal, Sony and Warner Music) are starts thinking of providing online download able music, which is a very healthy sign. One major problem, which is facing everyone in online trade, whenever anything goes over Internet, it will be in vulnerable situation, even strongest firewall cannot able to save them sometimes from the Hackers. One fact is; if they will be able to provide songs online, they might not be able to eliminate albums physical existence over CDs and Cassettes, there importance will remain separate from downloading. Online stores are convenient cheap but right now working with very low download speed, due to which consumer can irritate usually.

Only time can prove that these giant labels are providing highly digital services or not if they are just able to provide with slow download speed as are in progress, so they would not be to get there desired objectives.