The City of Lost Children was initially a French film, so being English; it wasn't the easiest to understand. It did however have a great design, outstanding costumes and authentic characters. Some parts of the story were a bit confusing though, such as trying to figure out the true motives of Ervin the Brain, but by the last part it all seemed to fall into place (parallel to how Pulp Fiction suddenly becomes clear). Overall, it was a really good movie, but I think you have to be interested in other movies to be able to enjoy it.

Interesting Scene

My main summit of importance was the final scene. The creator destroys himself and his formation by forgetting! Blunt satire. After all, the problems of Krank, the genetic copies, the brain, and all the lost children lead to the absentminded creator. Krank himself complains to the brain that his nature is the fault of the creator. Thus, he cannot prevent his evil. The creator who made a strange and twisted world, only to lock himself away into the sea… Is the director trying to tell us something? I believe so. We are made the way we are, evil in some sense, and there is no way of stopping or changing our nature.

Well, not relatively; as with many stories with deep-seated mythological undertones, this is only the first monster to be defeated, and now Miette and One must set sail for the oil rig and Krank (consider Beowulf, where he kills Grendel but then must face Grendel's mother, or Star Wars, where they escape the Death Star but then go back to destroy it). In this case, of course, our heroes won’t do the actual destruction, but by the Diver, who has returned to take away everything he brought into the world. In fact, it's at about the same time as Miette and One are clambering onto the oilrig that one of the clones discovers that some explosives are missing from the laboratory. Krank is unaware to all of this, having put himself and Denree into the dream machine.

I conclude that this movie is a tease. It titillates your senses and pushes the cover of politeness. I have yet to decide whether this is good or evil. Whether I enjoyed it or just want to pick at it like a hangnail. What I see is a screen image, which only satisfies to the point of addiction. It gives joy without vital satisfaction, and the neurons in your own brain bubble like the fluid, which surrounds the brain in the film.

I find it fascinating that brain is the same color as the fluid, which drips from the mouths of the people, who murder under the power of the Carney Man's evil fleas in my estimation the film is a mirror within a mirror. We see that theme over and over again; in the way the Octopus interrelates In the Clones.

One specific craft feature of the film I will praise, before finishing, is the way the plot formation unfolds. It is disconnected, operating on it's own logic, enlightening itself so we learn about this world as it's characters do. By the end of the film, the plot points all fit together like a complex medley. This, in combination with its idiosyncratic look, creates an upsetting dreamlike atmosphere that fits the film like a warm wool sock. Need essay writing? we can write a custom paper for you!