Decals are significantly useful when used as student’s identification. There would be no more dull looking easily forgeable college cards bearing a stamped photo of the student. The new decals would be glassy and shiny with attractive designs. Imagine the feelings of having such a convincing and status oriented student identification. It shows that you are a member of an outer looking institution who has firm focus on the future. The student identification decal would cost only what it takes to have them made. College management would not be charging anything extra. All registered students will be required to have a valid identification decal. The decal allows students to use the library and many other services and activities.

Our students’ cooperation in having these decals implemented at our college is solicited. The college management has always trusted students’ cooperation in all relevant matters and has always solicited their cooperation before issuance of anything affecting them.

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The decals would increase the grace and status of students by giving them wider choice of expression. They will give a modern and future oriented look incorporating new technology. They are readable from inside and outside, adhering with static. They are not adhesive and therefore, are easy to remove and reuse. They are printed on clear static with an opaque barrier applied between the front and back printing so the students’ decal is truly opaque.

We realize that students use strategies that may be ultimately self-defeating, but their goal is actually to protect their sense of self-worth. As a matter of fact, the trend is now changing towards student identification decals in most of the other institutions. Our goals as well as the goal of our students retrain a commonality of progression into the future. This progression means one should concentrate on the tasks rather than become distracted by fear of failure and approach a problem instead of giving up on it. This effort will be students’ investment, incremental and domain-specific.