The importance of cyber technology in the modern world cannot be over emphasized. With IT based hi-tech facilities; man has rather become a slave of these technologies. It is due to these reasons that one cannot afford to accept any flaw in the technology-based systems. All systems have to be made foolproof.

The invention of cyber technology has on one hand revolutionized the data processing and made it possible for man to access the desired data information with a click of a button while on the other hand has made the human reflexes slower and lethargic. The Internet too facilitates the utilization of virtual reality in the form of modern multimedia library. The digital video network has high quality medical information and other advance technical data, which make us too selective and choosy.

Digital Delirium

It is disturbance and disorientation of mind on account of computer techno-culture thus weakening the human reflexes to comprehend his surroundings through vigorous research. The world of Internet takes readers to such places where they can view the whole world of cyberspace from new perspectives. We should ponder before formally adopting new systems and technologies into our daily routines. Even the most optimistic supporters for global networking admit that there are many dangers with cyber technology that can confront both the experienced and the ignorant with cyber disaster. The functioning use of the Internet as a democratic tool is a threat for all individuals. Threatening dangers to our freedoms if global communication is used by a group of egotist to maneuver minds and disperse propaganda too unsuspicious and unsuspecting victims.

Internet functions as a powerful tool of economic marketing that will strive to intermix consumers, eradicate multiculturalism. Will we be subject to global marketing enthusiastic to create an online society with numerous tastes and cultural? Or will a self-governing Internet be based on individualism. Cyber tech industry itself cannot distinguish science fiction from reality in their hypothetical prognostications of where technological advancements will take us as a community.

As evident by the Critical Art Ensemble, too many so-called information products serve no practical purpose, are under utilized, or are presently not available to more of the world. The true dynamic strength of global networking on both societal and business organizations cannot be correctly measured or calculated until we experience real global accessibility. Worldwide inter connectivity in a complete sense is, has not yet been attained; as such; histrionic art of advanced societies, technological advancements, and networking potentials remain a subject of viewing.

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People relying more on Internet

Due to this new techno-culture, everyone is so edict to computer technology that in every field of life he wants his job to be done within a blink of an eye without the use of his physical and mental energy. This has made a man handicapped of this technology that without this he can do nothing. We are all wired up in this deep sea of virtual reality. There is no way out. We have to egg on. No time to turn back, everyone is all alone in this crowd, there is no way to escape, totally trapped in self-woven web.

Loss of great minds

The advancement in the field of electronic and computers has greatly facilitated human life but at the same time has resulted in loss of great minds (people). Since what the technology can do no alternate source has the ability to do that. As a result students in particular don't strive for seeking and acquiring knowledge from great minds. With the advancement in electronic technology, where human requirements are fulfilled with extremely fast pace, the humans needs have also become more demanding accordingly.

The importance of human memory has reduced on account of electronic storage facility available. Data storage in books and files being cumbersome to retrieve at the time of need, the computer has made this job easier. It has thus provided physical and mental relaxation to human mind. It is on account of these very reasons, where on one hand the techno culture has made life extremely comfortable on the other hand it has reduced the importance of great minds. Previously students would find solutions to their problems with scholars and teachers alone, now these students find solutions to their problems on the Internet through personal computers.


Thus we have come to know that according to our analysis, modern techno-culture we are compelled to say, “The body is fast disappearing being replaced by technology”.