There are many organizations, which are working in the country. These include charity organizations, orphanages, animal foundations, children foundations and many more; all are committed towards helping the humans. The American Cancer Society is one of the organizations, which is committed towards the cause of humanity. The nationwide, community-based organization is voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and services. [American Cancer Society] Nelson Mandela’s organization is another fine example of the charity function in the form of children fund that was created and funded by Nelson Mandela to help the dilemma of disadvantaged children. [Nelson Mandela]

But the organization I prefer to pay the money is meals on wheels. Meals on Wheels is a non-profit, volunteer based service that provides nourishing noontime meals to people who are old or disabled, homebound, and not capable to prepare their own food. Priority is given to people age 60 or older who have a enduring or provisional sickness, injury, or disability and people who are certified disabled declared from the State. Every Meal on Wheels program is allocated an area and is accountable for intake and assessment of the client, and the everyday jobs necessary to provide meals. They transport meals, recruit volunteers, and look for financial support from within their local communities. All Meals on Wheels programs deliver regular, low-salt, and diabetic meals. Some programs offer additional special diets. (

Why Meals on Wheels?

One of the major reasons is that Meals on Wheels is a worldwide recognized perception with organizations all over the places, which help the poor, needy and old people and provides them meals which is healthy. The people also include who cannot move out of home being sick or very old age or disabled. Such people cannot look after them selves and therefore need assistance. Meals on Wheels looks for the right people to provide them best quality food and nutrition for the least price to its clients who would otherwise are incapable to meet their dietary requirements.

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Right People Are Assisted

I would prefer to give the money to meals on wheels because generally, Meals on Wheels is available to only those persons who are really genuine. However, specific conditions for the for availability of service differ from one state to other. It is possible to check with the nearest Meals on Wheels and get the specifics for their program confirmed. Further the organization shall ensure that the maximum amount reaches the deserving people. This is because the Meals on Wheels programs in the United States started since WW II (1939). These women brought refreshments in canteens to servicemen and the canteens were named as "Meals on Wheels." The first organized nutrition program was started. [Meals on wheals]

After the war, the U.S Started own experimental meal program. The program which was started as a single small program has now grown into hundreds of local home delivered and arranging the meal programs that reaches millions of elderly, disabled, or at-risk person through out the country feel confident that my money shall not go waste but shall be utilized by the staff correctly. Today, many participants are those people who did not necessitate hospitalization at this time, but who only require a charitable act in order to sustain their self-determination. Most of the volunteers working in this organization belong to high school, the school children that would prepare, package, and deliver food to the elderly and disabled through out their community. I see no waste of the money in this organization.

The work of this organization is so much coordinated and well planned that the daily delivery is of one nutritionally balanced hot serving of food to eat at mealtime and a dinner, consisting of a light food and milk along with varying side dishes. In an attempt to meet the expenses of the maintenance of the elders and at the same time keeping their sense of dignity as well, the program charges a nominal fee based on the individual's capability to pay. The delivery is also very well organized. If there were no such program than most of the elder people would have stayed in hospitals for want of food and to ensure they received the nutrition needed to recover their strength.

I also have the full faith on this organization because it has a system of identifying those who really deserved and are in dire need of home delivered meals and are really not able to work for themselves. For the food assistance is set up to lend a hand to a very specific element of the community. The meals on wheals normally also feeds those who, without this service, would otherwise go hungry. The organization also provides the services have a volunteer Visiting Nurse Service and a range of other social service groups to those probable clients who are eligible for services.

The organization has a foolproof system of identifying the right person for the facility. Through this successful method of identifying entitled members is through concerned neighbors who provide the names of needy seniors in their communities. The community based meals program was built through stages, which has gone matured now. All the meals are prepared by local restaurants and delivered during the week. Meals on Wheels have since spread across the nation, with programs in virtually every major city of the U.S.

To be eligible for Meals On Wheels anywhere in the country the eligibility is based on the fact that a person must be confined at home and has no one to look after him self, and the eligibility does not depend on age or income. The procedure of this organization is so methodical that there is no sign of any possible wrong deeds by the staff members of this organization. Any citizen can recommend a person to be considered for receiving Meals On Wheels. The most part of the suggestion come from family members, other hospitals, and home health agencies where the treatment of the person is normally going on, friends, or the customers themselves.

After basic information is obtained over the phone, a staff member is detailed to each person. The staff member meets the client and finds out the complete details and obtains their complete bio data for record. The information is also obtained about the client's health problems as well as his/her date of birth, social security number, doctor's name and phone number, and emergency contact persons and phone numbers. After this transparent action is completed, then case is put before an expert case manager who is a well and appropriately trained to assess all clients for any needs they may have. The first priority is always given to providing a nutritious midday meal, but the case managers do much more than assessing the clients concerning meals. They also decide if clients require other services that we can be manage or arranged.

The meals on wheals meet its clients many times during the year and maintain a regular contact with the client at least four times a year. This is done to assist clients in receiving household items including fans, air conditioners, and heaters. Even the utility bills of these people are paid once the applications are received. These are the people who fall in low-income scheme and are not able to pay their utilities bills. Meals and wheals also arrange for the deserving clients to have a loan for indefinitely and a number of the equipment at no cost, such as walkers, commode chairs, and bath rails.

The role of the volunteers in the efficient functioning is very significant because volunteers deliver the meals. They also act as the link between the case managers and the customers. The volunteers are always encouraged to discuss and participate in the explorations of concerns or problems they found out when they contacted the clients. Not only the problems are explored and investigate but also all out efforts are made to solve their problems based on the contacts.

The volunteers are asked to assist the clients in many ways besides delivering meals. Some volunteers pick up food from one-neighborhood food pantries and bring it to the poorest clients. Special volunteers serve as friendly visitors to our more socially isolated clients. Volunteers also help the weal on wheals to install the electronics gadgets, and carry out minor home repairs as well. It is also seen that majority of the people also donate money and purchase new items that are not included in the budget. [Meals On Wheels of Tar rant County]