Many children, since their childhood, dream of being a policeman or upholding the law in any way they can, but as we grow up; we realize that the law is more than mere arresting criminals and punishing them. In a world of corruption, greed and betrayal, the law has as many faces as the criminals. It is a whole process of which any of us can become a part of any day of our lives.

I am not a preacher of upholding the law anyway we can, but I do see a bright and better future for the citizens of my country with a properly adopted and implemented legal system, and I think that we all can play our part in redesigning or elevating the system as much as we can. I would like my career to be in litigation, as it is the starting point of many lawsuits, which shape the lives of so many people within so few days. Though law and all its subsidiaries are of great importance, litigation pulls me with greater force than any. The process itself attracts me, and I think I can make a positive difference in my surroundings; isn’t that what is the least asked of us?

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