Despite its various drawbacks, Television has its good side as well. TV entertains our children. It gives our kids a chance to watch educational shows. TV plays a very big role in children’s life. But there are some things that should always be kept in mind regarding TV’s effects on tiny-tots and what kind of role you want TV to play in your children’s life.

Following elements could affect development process and creative abilities of a child:

Research shows that programs exclusively designed for children are five to six times more violent than programs made for grown ups. Through television, Kids come across about 10,000 scenes of rapes, sexual assaults, and murders every year. Children imitate the violence they see on TV. Watching violence on TV leads to more aggressive behavior. TV violence has the greatest effect on preschool children. Most violent acts go unpunished on TV and are often accompanied by humor. Ceaseless exposure to TV violence makes children less sensitive. Try to encourage educational shows for their betterment and creativity. Such as Sesame Street, PBS kids’ shows, concerts, plays, sports events, nature and wildlife shows, documentaries, and real-life drama.

Most parents don't talk to their kids about sex, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Most schools do not offer through sex education. So kids get most of information on sex from TV. Many Kids have been injured in an attempt to repeat dangerous stunts they have seen on television. They convey messages according to their understanding that could be harmful for their development and creativity abilities.

TV minimizes the time that can be spent in social interactions with family and peers. TV takes our children far away from participating in sports, music, art or other healthy activities that are essential for their development. TV does not allow reading as well. If your child is doing poorly in school, then just allow him to watch TV not more than half an hour each day, or eliminate TV entirely, except for limited time especially on the weekends. For development of better future, make it a rule that children must finish their homework and other chores before watching television. If your child’s favorite show ends up during completion of his homework, then record the show to watch later.

TV promotes a sedentary lifestyle and discourages exercise. An inactive life style sets bad habits and leads to poor physical fitness. Children who watch more TV do worse in school they also tend to have limited creativity development. Need research papers APA? we can write a custom paper for you!


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