In this technology driven environment, it’s almost impossible to live without adopting it, if you don’t go for latest technology you will be obsolete and then start packing your bags and get ready for the kick. The online trade is now common everywhere in the world especially in developed countries. Online Music Stores can play […]

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The book of the job is one of the books of the Old Testament. In this book we see many theodicies. Defining the theodicy it is the spiritual justification of the goodness of God in relation to his power. It gives an explanation of his virtues and doings and tries to elucidate why He does […]

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School vouchers are used in redirecting the flow of education funding from government to private sector rather than its own schools. The funds are channeled directly to individual families giving them access to private schools. This allows families to select the public or private schools of their choice and have all or part of the […]

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Judgment is an engaging aspect of the human encountering, and it is an essential fact of life. We all make judgments every day of our lives. It is impossible to live just one day sans making a single judgment. So far as criminal justice is concerned, the way in which our system of criminal justice […]

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In 399 BC Socrates was brought to trial in the city of Athens. In the Apology, Plato records Socrates trial. He was taken into custody with not accepting in the gods of the city and with entrapping the youth. As was the practice of the day, when the jury discovered him guilty, Socrates and his […]

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Despite its various drawbacks, Television has its good side as well. TV entertains our children. It gives our kids a chance to watch educational shows. TV plays a very big role in children’s life. But there are some things that should always be kept in mind regarding TV’s effects on tiny-tots and what kind of […]

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Plato’s most celebrated treatise, the ‘Republic’ put forth a concept of an ideal state. The book discusses a range of virtues and their importance for the society. Knowledge is one of the most important virtue on which enormous emphasis has been laid down. Education is a way to get knowledge. Plato is considered as the […]

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