Many children, since their childhood, dream of being a policeman or upholding the law in any way they can, but as we grow up; we realize that the law is more than mere arresting criminals and punishing them. In a world of corruption, greed and betrayal, the law has as many faces as the criminals. […]

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The City of Lost Children was initially a French film, so being English; it wasn't the easiest to understand. It did however have a great design, outstanding costumes and authentic characters. Some parts of the story were a bit confusing though, such as trying to figure out the true motives of Ervin the Brain, but […]

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America today is a free-market society. Money is freedom, control, security, and the ultimate commodity. This society is based around gaining money, and perhaps even more importantly, spending it. The media spreads ideas, ideas that suggest that the most important things in life are appearances. Makes us rely too much on the fashion, and relevance […]

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Mark Riggle in his article Breaking the cycle of failure, published on 10, August 2001 on Internet has described in brief about the reasons of the failures of the soft ware business in Asia. Mark Riggle is of the view that most of the Software projects do not succeed and fail at an shocking rate, […]

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There are many organizations, which are working in the country. These include charity organizations, orphanages, animal foundations, children foundations and many more; all are committed towards helping the humans. The American Cancer Society is one of the organizations, which is committed towards the cause of humanity. The nationwide, community-based organization is voluntary health organization dedicated […]

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The record of the Spanish language and the derivation of the languages of Spain commence with the linguistic development of Vulgar Latin. Castilian & Andalusian languages materialized in the Iberian peninsula (Hispania) at some stage in the middle ages. The materialization of contemporary Spanish more or less overlapped with the reconquest of Moorish Spain, which […]

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The homicide figures, involving 26,513 people in 1991, 1,500-2,800 of these are valid homicides by civilians defending themselves, and 300-600 are justifiable killing by the police. This leaves, at worst, 24,713 homicides in criminal hands, and this includes any method of killing, such as bare hands and feet. Even if we were to wrongly attribute […]

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Birth Order refers to the position a child is born into, that is, whether he/she is the first, middle or last-born. Although, there can be many specific positions, such as second, third, etc. but in general the most frequently researched positions are the only, first, middle and last. According to research, birth order plays a […]

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The importance of cyber technology in the modern world cannot be over emphasized. With IT based hi-tech facilities; man has rather become a slave of these technologies. It is due to these reasons that one cannot afford to accept any flaw in the technology-based systems. All systems have to be made foolproof. The invention of […]

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Decals are significantly useful when used as student’s identification. There would be no more dull looking easily forgeable college cards bearing a stamped photo of the student. The new decals would be glassy and shiny with attractive designs. Imagine the feelings of having such a convincing and status oriented student identification. It shows that you […]

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